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Winter activities in Val d'Isère

With its large ski area, many people come in winter to ski, but there are many other activities to do in and around the Val d'Isère resort ! There is something for everyone, on or off the slopes. Discover a few reasons to spend your winter holidays in Val d'Isère !


With its 300 km of variable slopes and 1900 meters of elevation gain, accessible off-piste routes and large snowparks, the Val- d'Isère & Tignes ski area is one of the largest and most renowned in Europe. The Val d'Isère & Tignes domain has some of the best snow conditions in Europe, with its high altitude the slopes are skiable from Mid November until sunny May. With its adaptable pistes, you will find someting to suit all levels, from the beginner tranquil area to the famous Face de Bellevarde.

Jeune skieur
Deux Fille de patinage

Outdoor ice rink

Located in the heart of the village, the outdoor ice rink is an ideal activity for the whole family, whether children are small or large. The ice rink is open every day during the winter season from 4 pm to 8 pm, so you can fully enjoy it after a day of skiing. Let you guide by the rhythm of the music and the magical lights that enliven the rink.

Spa & Sport Centre

The Val d'Isère Aquasportif center is a complex dedicated to sport, relaxation and well-being. This 800 sqm aquatic facility is designed to enjoy, exercise or simply relax after a day on the slopes. With a wide range of activities on offer, here are some examples that you could participate in : swimming, aquagym, aquabike, sauna, hammam, jacuzzi. You can also indulge yourself at the Spa Pure Altitude which offers facials, massages, as well as aesthetic services (waxing, etc).

Pierres de soins spa

Sled area

A track entirely dedicated to sleds in Val d'Isère. Located on the snow front, right next to the Savonette ski lift, the toboggan area allows you to enjoy the slopes but with no technical involved just grab your sled and have fun. Perfect for children, but also for adults, this activity remains universal and always offers good moments of laughter.

Cross Country skiing

Cross-country skiing is a good way to explore the beautiful mountains of Val d'Isère. The cross-country ski trails are 21 kilometers in total with trails for all levels. In Val d'Isère, there are 6 tracks in the form of a loop.

You can make a reservation with a guide who will make you discover different paths and teach you lots of things about the mountain and Val d'Isère. But you can also go alone.

Trekking dans la neige

Dog Sledding

Husky sled rides are a unique experience you never forget. You will be pulled, as a passanger, by 6 or 12 Huskies in the magical landscapes of the Vanoise Park mountain. You will share a special moment with these animals of several breeds, which will tow you in the middle of nature in an idyllic setting. Sledding combines sensations of freedom and pleasure : you can let yourself be guided by the dog leader or sometimes even take control of the reigns yourself.


A snowshoe hike is ideal for exploring the mountains and the surroundings of Val d'Isère, including the peaks near the Italian border, or the glaciers of Haute Tarentaise. It is an activity open to people of all ages, of all levels and for all physical conditions. The snowshoe walk will allow you to explore the natural treasures preserved in the mountain environment.

Activité hivernale


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